What is Wrong with the Human Race?

To be honest, I don’t think the human race is a completely sane species. We have to have wars to solve problems. We have to be mean and seek revenge. We have to want, to be jealous and to steal. We have to murder eachover and other species. What makes us like this? Is it that we think we’re superior to other species, which in a way, we’re not, because even though we’ve invented all these amazing things that we take for granted, other animals have manage to survive in places we could only dream of living in without all the inventions we’ve created?

Why do we have wars and nuclear weapons though? To be honest, I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone does. How can it be easier than working it out  by talking?

The human race is weird, and in my opinion, there is something wrong with it, so lets sort it out. Stop the greed. Stop the killing. Stop the revenge.


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Use What You’ve Got!

One of the most commonly used phrases is “That’s to much money!”, so this is one of the ways to prevent those words being spoken.

I was on the Internet, looking for a way to make a stand for my iPod touch. There was a website with many ideas on  making stands, however one caught my eye, the lego stand. So I began to make my own version of this fantastic idea.

As you can see, the finished product is complete with drawers for headphones, a stylish piece of transparent lego for the iPod to lean against, space for the charger and speaker, and additional space for any more equipment.

If you wish to make your own lego docking station, it’s simple, so let your imagination do wild!

You can use any ideas you want!


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10 Big Questions

These are the big questions of a primary school girl, me. There are many thoughts that aren’t spoken off during day to day life. Maybe they should……….

1. How can there be no edge to the Universe? Is our Universe in another, and that one in another, and so on…?

2. If the Universe is growing, then why does it take up all space ever?

3. Did the first people have thoughts, a personality, emotions?

4. How do some people have more money than others?

5. During the Big Bang, how did nothing turn into something, and in such an enormous explosion?

6. If matter is still pouring from the Big Bang, where is it flowing from? Is it in the centre of the Universe? How can there be a centre of the Universe?

7. Are we just other life forms in a great dream, and we wake up when we die, to be that life form?

8. Why are we here?

9. When we die, do we turn into something? Do we just lie still, dead, thinking nothing?

10. If we evolved from monkeys, what did they evolve from, and they evolve from, and so on…….?

These queries may stay unanswered for hundreds, thousands of years, however they may stay in our heads for hundreds, thousands off years.

Who knows?


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